Factory Vessels

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Factory Vessels

Special registration interface board is available for freezing trawlers.
The system keeps track of registration of boxes, including all details from the product list. The information is transmitted and displayed in the Hafsyn web portal for further analysis.

Processing registration

Registration clients can be set up at the processing deck, where quantity and quality aspects can be entered directly. QC documents and photos can also be attached into the system where they can be directly accessed via the web portal. Special interface is available for freezer log and utilization.
It is also possible to set up connections between Hafsyn and other systems on board, such as box labelling systems or fuel usage measuring system.

  • Special user interface for freezer log
  • Frezzer registrations can be monitored from the bridge computer
  • Keeps track of freezing time and number of pans in each freezer
  • Graphical overview of all freezer
  • All historical data available as reports
  • QC documents and pictures can be linked to the system
  • All documents are transmitted and available in the web portal
  • Keeps track of all sent documents
  • Parameters like haul, species, product and inspector name can be linked to each document
  • Crew list and ranks of each crew member
  • Crew per trip and working shifts
  • Easy to select the crew in new trip from predefined groups
  • Keep track of crew in all previous trips
  • Crew of each trip can be accessed via the web portal

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