Electronic Catch Logbook

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Trackwell Electronic Logbook is a standard solution used for reporting mandatory information to fishing authorities. The Catch Logbook is well proven and easy to use for the captains. The system captures and stores the catch information and makes it available to view on board the vessel. The Logbook can be connected to a variety of sensor devices, including GPS, weather sensors and echo sounder, which results in better information with fewer data entry errors.

  • Valuable tool for captains, fleet managers and fishing authorities
  • The system supports all major types of fisheries
  • Complies with the EU Common Fisheries Policy as well as the ERS regulations in Norway and Iceland
  • Catch data can be transferred via all common maritime communication systems, using satellites or mobile networks

Benefits to the Captain

  • Provides seamless reporting to the fishing authorities
  • Supplies convenient access to the fishing history of the vessel
  • Improves possibility to direct the vessel to more suitable fishing grounds based on data from previous years
  • Additional statistics and reporting

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