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Hafsyn Web Portal is available for all customers using the Trackwell Electronic Logbook. Catch information is automatically transmitted from the vessels and available on-shore in real-time. Users are provided with save and secure access to the information through a standard web browser. The system allows users to extract data to view reports that provide comparison of fishing grounds and vessels over a selected time period.
The interface is simple to use and works well with smart phones and tablets.

Additionally, users will receive daily fishing report by email, or can be notified when the trip is finished and the vessel is heading to port

  • Vessels current position and trail
  • Catch on board and yesterday’s catch
  • Dashboard, showing catch, landings, sailed distance and catch per tow time
  • Catch totals for selected vessels and time frame
  • Location of the catch, by species, vessels and time frame


  • Trip overview
  • Trail and catch locations for selected trip
  • Haul overview with catch, tow time and location
  • Access to all previous trips

trip details

  • Trail history with speed and heading for selected time frame
  • Sailed distance and average speed, totals for steaming and towing
  • Graphical analysis of different phases of the trip


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