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Hafsyn solutions

Hafsyn is a complete solution for the registration and reporting of fishing and on-board processing.
Special registration interfaces are available for fresh fish vessels, pelagic vessels and freezer trawlers.
There are three service levels available for all common types of fishing vessels.

NameTrawlers/LonglinersPelagic VesselsFactory Vessels
Catch Registration X X X
Product Registration X X X
Processing Registration X X X

Catch Registrations

Registrations and reporting of catch and fishing activity. Users on-shore are provided with information on catch and location of the vessels in real-time, using a password protected web portal.

Product Registrations

Registration of catch and on-board production, where the data is linked to the catch activity. Keeps track of quantity, number of tubs or boxes, production value, packaging usage, utilization factors and quality inspections. Production information are available in the web portal.

Processing Registration

Registrations of catch and production. Additional clients at the processing deck used for registration, importing of QC documents and connection to other systems. Running on multi user database which links to the eLogbook.

Hafsyn at the North Atlantic Seafood forum

Hafsyn recently took part in the the 13th North Atlantic Seafood Forum held in Bergen. This forum is the the world’s largest seafood business conference, and provides new and invaluable insight on the global seafood markets. In one of the seminars, within the topic...

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