Maritime solutions

Trackwell Maritime offers a range of solutions for catch monitoring, reporting and surveillance.
The solution suite is divided into Trackwell VMS, a fully compliant surveillance system for fishing authorities and Hafsyn, a catch reporting system for captains and fishing companies.

VMS for fishing authorities

Trackwell offers a state of the art Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) that provides customized solutions and technical support for different needs. The VMS is used by fisheries authorities, coastguards and navies for surveillance, search and rescue, resource management and fisheries control. The system is fully compliant with international fisheries regulations and facilitates exchange of information between authorities, neighboring countries and regional fisheries offices.

Hafsyn for fishing companies

Hafsyn is an integrated solution for registration and reporting of fishing and on-board processing. Special registration interfaces are available for fresh fish vessels, pelagic vessels and freezer trawlers. Catch information is reported by the vessels and available for the fishing company in real-time. The solution includes Trackwell eLogbook, which can be used for mandatory reporting to fishing authorities.

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Hafsyn at Baffin Fisheries

Hafsyn catch and onboard production registration system was recently installed on the sixty-four meter Arctic Shrimp Trawler, MV Sivulliq, owned by Baffin Fisheries. The Hafsyn solution simplifies and automates the registration process, providing company managers with...

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