Hafsyn recently took part in the the 13th North Atlantic Seafood Forum held in Bergen. This forum is the the world’s largest seafood business conference, and provides new and invaluable insight on the global seafood markets.

In one of the seminars, within the topic Sustainability, Steingrimur Gunnarsson, Sales Manager at Trackwell presented few of the challenges fishing companies are facing.

“The seafood industry is facing more and more requirements of collecting data of catch, effort and onboard production. Many fishing companies are aware of the importance of using this information for their own benefit. The challenges are that data is stored in many different systems, the right information is not always available when needed and historical data is not accessible for processing. With new technology, internet of things and integration of information, new possibilities are opening for fishing companies.”

For more information on how Hafsyn can assist in meeting standards on traceability and sustainability, with registration of catch activity and onboard production, click here: Hafsyn and benefits

Hafsyn at Baffin Fisheries

Hafsyn catch and onboard production registration system was recently installed on the sixty-four meter Arctic Shrimp Trawler, MV Sivulliq, owned by Baffin Fisheries. The Hafsyn solution simplifies and automates the registration process, providing company managers with...

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