Electronic logbook and onboard production registrations


  • Catch registration and reporting to fishing company and authorities
  • Provides catch information in real time
  • Easy access to catch history


Hafsyn provides more effective decision-making on fishing

  • Reduces effort for captains
  • Provides catch information in real-time
  • Clear overview of fishing


Catch recording solutions for fishing vessels

Hafsyn provides an integrated solution of catch recording and onboard production.
Special registration modules are available for fresh fish vessels, pelagic vessels and factory vessels.

Benefits Hafsyn Users


Maintains all registrations of catch and on-board processing for the captains. Provides seamless reporting to the fishing company and authorities.

Fleet Managers

Provides fleet managers information on catch and location of the vessels in real-time. Improves decision-making and strategy of fisheries.


Processing managers get information of catch per species, per day, along with average size and QC parameters. This allows them to plan the processing in order to optimize the value.


The sales network benefits on higher standards on traceability and sustainability through up to date and detail information of catch and on-board production.


QC managers have access to quality parameters which are linked to catch and processing. This minimizes effort and improves traceability.


Company management have access to catch effort and value. Key factor indicators and statistics can be analyzed on order to improve efficiency.

TESTIMONIALS What Our Customers Have To Say

We have been using Trackwell Fisheries Solutions with excellent results. It simplifies and saves work with respect to catch information and helps planning future fishing and processing.

G.T. Visir hf

We are using Hafsyn aboard all our wetfish trawlers and freezer trawlers and it has proved excellent to monitor catch, ease communication with our processing plant and to simplify decisions on raw material usage.

Fleet manager, HB Grandi

Hafsyn at the North Atlantic Seafood forum

Hafsyn recently took part in the the 13th North Atlantic Seafood Forum held in Bergen. This forum is the the world’s largest seafood business conference, and provides new and invaluable insight on the global seafood markets. In one of the seminars, within the topic...

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